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Selected Publications

For a more complete snapshot of my academic publications, check out my Google Scholar page or Research Gate page. These are a few highlights! If you are having any issues accessing these articles, please contact me! 

Abstract Surface

Disability Identity Development

Abstract Surface
White Sand and Stone
White Sand and Stone

Disability in Education

  • *Sarkar, T. & Forber-Pratt, A.J. (2022). Examining inclusive education research in India with a focus on teachers: A systematic scoping review. Multiple Voices

  • Forber-Pratt, A.J., *Hanebutt, R., *Minotti, B., Cobb, N.A. & Peagram, K. (in press). 

  • Social-emotional learning & motivational interviews with middle school youth with disabilities or at-risk for disability identification. Education & Urban Society

  • Forber-Pratt, A.J., & Sarkar, T. (2021). Unpacking the possible: a qualitative case study of inclusive teacher practice in India. Institutionalised Children: Explorations and Beyond.

  • *Minotti, B., *Ingram, K.M., Forber-Pratt, A.J., & Espelage, D.L. (2021). Disability community and mental health among college students with physical disabilities. Rehabilitation Psychology, 66(2), 192-

  • Forber-Pratt, A.J., Merrin, G.J., & Espelage, D.L. (2020). Exploring the intersections of disability, race & gender on student outcomes in high school. Remedial & Special Education. Advance online publication.

  • Forber-Pratt, A.J., & *Lyew, D.A. (2019). A model case: Specialized group home for girls with disabilities in India. Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal,  37, 315-327.

  • Forber-Pratt, A.J. (2019). (Re)defining disability culture: Perspectives from the Americans with Disabilities Act Generation. Culture & Psychology, 25(2), 241-256. 7/rep0000377

Qualitative Methods

Crystal Salt
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